Creating the Perfect Study Space

Creating the Perfect Study Space

Getting into the right mindset for serious studying can be difficult. With roommates, cell phones and a million other distractions, it’s easy to focus on other things, which can leave you unprepared for your tests. Having the perfect study space can make it easier to focus on your course work. Use these tips to make a quiet place in your room that allows for concentration.

Create Your Quiet

Roommates and residence halls can be loud. Reading and memorizing require focus, so creating a space that is quiet is important. If you don’t care to study in silence, drown out background noise of roommates with a fan. Turning on some classical music while you work is also a great option. A study at the University of Southern California found that students who listen to classical music while studying had less anxiety and were more receptive to information than students who studied in silence.

Silencing your phone and not getting distracted by the Internet is the most important way to get your mind ready for learning. Turn your phone on airplane mode so that texts and calls can’t distract you. For Internet distractions, consider downloading an app that can help with productivity. These apps will block access to Internet sites for a certain period of time to keep you on-track and away from social media. By creating the right atmosphere for your mind, you can set yourself up for a successful study session.

Bring the Essentials

Another easy way to get distracted from your study plan is realizing you need something that you forgot outside your study space. If you’re doing work or reading on a laptop, make sure to bring your charger, as a failing battery can be distracting and may force you to stop studying before you’ve gotten through all your materials. Bring a beverage and a healthy snack, like a piece of fruit or a granola bar, to keep you focused. It can also be a good idea to have small treats on hand to reward yourself for little goals. For example, treat yourself to one or two small pieces of candy after every ten minutes of uninterrupted studying or after reading a certain number of pages. Be sure to bring pens, highlighters, notebooks and textbooks you may need to complete your work. Getting up and interrupting your train of thought can make it challenging to truly focus, so having these essentials on hand will keep you focused as you work through your assignments.

Find the Right Atmosphere

Not everyone has the same study style or assignments, so making sure the environment is best for you is important. Students with worksheets, equations and practice problems would probably do better with a desk in their apartment so they can spread out and utilize all their materials at the same time. Students with lots of reading may be more comfortable on a sofa or chair. Furniture rental can be a great option to ensure your apartment has the proper furniture for your study space. You can rent packages with pre-selected pieces or choose one or two pieces of your own choice. Either way, furniture rental gives you the flexibility to choose the ideal furniture without the stress, hassle and cost of buying your own furniture.

These simple steps can create a quiet, calm space for you to get to work. Putting time and effort into your studies is the most important part of attending college, so set yourself up with a study space that suits you and encourage the good habits that lead to academic success.

Margaret Schwartz is an experienced international traveler and Director of Marketing at CORT Furniture Rental, where she works directly with students and higher education institutions.

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