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Higher education in Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine covers a wide array of subjects and sets you up for success in fields such as agricultural sales, e-commerce, business management, consulting, and even jobs in the animal health industry. Make a difference in our environment and the lives of animals by creating sustainable farming practices that enrich the lives of every living thing that inhabits the earth.

Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine go hand-in-hand. Agriculture focuses on creating better practices for producing food, while veterinary medicine is influenced by it. A bachelor's degree in either field will give you opportunities to expand your horizons and travel the world, work with animals, and contribute to creating a better future for everyone.

Courses you may encounter in these majors include:

  • Agriculture
  • Plant Sciences
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Economics
  • Farm Management
  • Animal Physiology and Anatomy

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Edmonds College

Typical cost per Quarter: $1,000—$5,000

Bachelor Degree Secondary/Boarding Certificate/Short Term

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