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A career in Architecture and Construction consists of many moving parts; these include design, construction, management, and maintenance. Learning the intricacies of carrying out an architectural plan requires a deep understanding of all the pieces and people that go into making it possible, as well as the people who are affected by it.

Your coursework as an architecture and construction major will help you develop skills in each of the aforementioned proficiencies, as well as provide a deeper understanding of how these structures provide meaning to the greater societies that exist within. These majors will set you up for careers in engineering, design, construction work, systems management, electrical design, and many more.

Courses you may encounter in these majors include:

  • Mathematics
  • Art Design
  • Physics
  • 3D Modeling
  • Environmental Law
  • Risk Management

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Olympic College

Typical cost per Quarter: $1,000—$5,000

Bachelor Degree Secondary/Boarding Certificate/Short Term

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