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Humanities focus on understanding human thoughts, societies, cultures, philosophies, and more. Through studying humanities, you can observe the circumstances that have shaped the cultures of the past, and even our own culture today. If you're looking to understand people and societies on a greater level, a higher education in humanities may be right for you.

From a technical level, education in humanities will help you develop experience and ability in critical thinking, writing, and reading skills. With a deep understanding of humanity, and a strong ability to convey that to others, you have many options to choose from for a career. Careers you can pursue with a bachelor's degree in humanities include professional writer, copywriter, travel agent, teacher, sales, and even psychology.

Courses you may encounter as a Humanities student include:

  • History
  • Archaeology
  • Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Human Geography

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Palomar College

Typical cost per Year: $15,000—$20,000

Bachelor Degree Certificate/Short Term 2yr/Community College - 2+2 Programs

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