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Course Overview

American education in Personal Care and Fitness is an investment in living and promoting a healthy lifestyle. The fitness industry in particular is constantly innovating and looking for new ways to enhance the lifestyle of individuals through nutrition, exercise, and unique methodologies. Through your studies, you will learn the human body, the best practices for promoting health, and even how to motivate your clients.

Personal Care and Fitness emphasize taking care of your well-being. When we consider the meaning of each of these disciplines, we often link them to physical aspects. Personal care, however, has more recently been connected with promoting positive mental well-being. Taking care of your mental state is just as important as your physical one, and a career in either field will teach you a balance between both. A career in personal care and fitness can allow you to work as a personal trainer, nutritionist, and more.

  • Kinesiology
  • Anatomy
  • Psychology
  • Nutrition
  • Sports Physiology

Common courses for those looking to pursue a career in personal care and fitness include:

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