Trying to Find Your Purpose

Trying to Find Your Purpose

September 8th, 2021

By Hamdiatu Yakubu

It has been a while since I engaged you all, you may have thought I took a break or even gave up. (Because reverse cultural shock isn’t easy)... just thinking aloud. Hurray, I'm still here and surviving. I came across something really interesting during my facilitation of an entrepreneurial program for young women. It got me thinking, introspecting, exploring and ended up brooding over it. 

Purpose! A word or term that means “reason, motive, plan, intent etc.” Surprisingly, it got me feeling ‘worthless’ and visionless when I reflected on it.

It spoke a lot to me, making me realize that perhaps I didn’t know what I was about in life all this while. During the training, most participants were knocked hard when asked what their purpose was. They, just like me, either had no idea or didn’t know their purposes as individuals living on this planet. It may surprise you, but this is true, not a joke — not everyone thinks about or sets a purpose for themselves. I think we should set targets, goals for everything we set out to do. Every action we take should have a general purpose to drive us in achieving it/them. 

Many may know this already, but I’m sure just like my participants, others do not even think and realize the importance of having a purpose.  

I don’t intend to write a lengthy piece this time, because I have to continue figuring out my purpose (which may sound weird or absurd). However, I hope you reading this and finding yourself in my shoes would be triggered to give it a thought, and join me to explore what our purposes are.

As always, you matter, so does your legacy, know your PURPOSE and make a mark.

Hamdiatu Yakubu is from Ghana, West Africa. She recently completed her English-language studies at Kirkwood Community College and is currently working as a communication intern and project assistant at a non-governmental organization in her country. She loves nature, cooking, watching movies, languages, writing, and photography. 

Written by

Hamdiatu Yakubu

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