From Santa Fe University of Art & Design: Nike Design Professionals Workshop

From Santa Fe University of Art & Design: Nike Design Professionals Workshop

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This November, our Graphic Design students teamed up with two design professionals, Bijan Berahimi and Chris Burnett, who have worked with Nike before, and got to create some amazing work! Nike is a global brand, which has reached across many, many different formats: from sportswear to specific athletic events, Nike has a very strong brand to uphold. Our students had a chance to understand the importance of strong branding, and create work while keeping in mind a company that many had grown up with!

Nike Workshop 2

Students were asked to envision a Nike product that would exist in the year 2064.  Our designers broke into six different groups and began to work on futuristic advertising and image-making for the Nike brands of Running, Skateboarding, Tennis, Olympics, World Cup, and Lebron James. After the first few hours, so much work was being created that we created a special blog just to display it all!

Nike Workshop 3

In addition to the hands-on, one-on-one feedback from Bijan and Chris, students also explored the importance of logo, typeface, image making, type lockups, photography, and more.  The motto of the week: Make things fast – really fast. Check out for an in-depth look at all of the work created during our week-long Nike workshop!

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