Are you ready for university classes?

Are you ready for university classes?

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Some of your ambitious high school classmates may already be involved in dual enrollment. That is, taking college or university classes now so they can lighten their workload once they get to college. But how do you know if this option is right for you?

Talk with your parents as well as high school counselor and teachers. They will understand the advantages of beginning classes early, as well as the academic pressures that come with it.

Talk with other students. Ask your high school counselor if they can put you in touch with a college or university student who took classes while they were still in high school. Ask them about the pros and cons and whether they’d do it again if given the choice.

Make the right match. As you’re talking with admissions counselors, ask them how the support dual enrollment students, and about how this approach benefits their students.

Save money. Ask your high school counselor about community colleges or four-year universities they have partnerships with. Some institutions partner with nearby high schools to offer their college courses for free or at a reduced rate to qualifying students.

Start small. If you’re not sure if dual enrollment is right for you, take one college class to see if you feel comfortable with the workload.

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