Snippets of awesomeness from US campuses

Snippets of awesomeness from US campuses

American college campuses are full of unique experiences and opportunities. Many of these opportunities are specially created for international students to showcase their talents and build life-long friendships. Their success, both, on campus and in career, is often the direct result of these engagements. The key is to be curious and be observant. The more you see, the more you get. We are delighted to put together a list of opportunities which were shared with us from campuses across the US. We hope that you would put them on your list and dig more about them, and many others as you build your US college list.    

Hamline University has outstanding Creative Writing Programs in the heart of the extraordinarily rich literary community, and it welcomes students from around the world to experience world-class education taught by award-winning practicing writers. 

Utica College’s nationally recognized cybersecurity program equips students with skills they need to be on the forefront of the information intelligence industry. With the demand for cybersecurity experts higher than ever and growing, a degree from Utica College, a national leader in cyber education, will give you the edge today’s employers want.

Manhattanville College offers students with leadership, community service and/or social justice experience the opportunity to apply for the Duchesne Center Scholarship.  Students that are awarded the Duchesne Scholarship receive $2,000 a year for completing community service each semester. 

University of Missouri (Mizzou, founded in 1839) is a top-tier, comprehensive public research institution. With 300+ degree programs, Mizzou has a diverse enrollment of 33,000+ students from every U.S. state and nearly 120 countries. Mizzou maintains agreements with 200+ international universities and organizations.

Western New England University hosts an event each year called World Fest which allows our population of 200 international students from 30 different countries to share their culture through food, dance, music, clothing, etc.

University of Delaware World Scholars gain global experiences through study abroad, internship or research, and engagement with visiting foreign diplomats. Participants receive guidance in pursuing opportunities with U.S. Fulbright Commission, Peace Corps, and multinational corporations, as well as international scholarships for post-graduate study or exploration.

Ohio University’s Schey Sales Center is one of the nation’s first and highest ranked sales programs. Open to students of all majors, the Center provides amazing hands-on experiences—internships, development workshops, network opportunities, public speaking training and much more! Our students come away prepared to meet their futures!

Saint Leo University’s Cybersecurity Program introduces students to a variety of topics, including principles of cyber security, ethical hacking, network protection controls, and managing the implementation and maintenance of security devices, and countermeasures. This is done through a virtual lab environment where students have the unique opportunity to fully immerse themselves in a mock IT infrastructure and real world software tools.

 The University of Cincinnati invented cooperative education (co-op) in 1906 and continues to be among the nation’s leaders in experience-based learning. 100% of Cincinnati graduates have experience in their field. Co-ops, internships, and undergraduate research allow Cincinnati students to earn money and graduate with a resume full of experience.

 Brooklyn Law School’s LL.M. program equips internationally-trained lawyers with the knowledge required to practice US law and to enhance law practice in their home countries. Students can choose from over 200 courses and nationally-acclaimed clinics, while developing their legal English with guidance from specialist professors.

University of Colorado Denver attracts and welcomes international students with their exciting cultural/social and internship opportunities. The Office of International Affairs (OIA) hosts a festive Thanksgiving Feast annually for all international students.

 Tulane University’s Crawfest is the largest student-run music festival in the US. Hosting this festival on campus brings 10+ different music acts to campus, as well at 7,000 kg of crawfish and vegetables, boiled in a local spices. This event also allows students real-life experience in the business and entertainment industries as they negotiate and build contracts with vendors and musicians. As we say: Only at Tulane, Only in New Orleans.

 JJAY (CUNY) offers the Program for Research Initiatives in Science and Math (PRISM) which provides STEM students the opportunity to engage in faculty-led research in fields like biochemistry, environmental science, forensic science, and toxicology. These experiences demonstrate that science is not exact, but an iterative process of questioning the world around us.

SUNY Plattsburgh’s Night of Nations showcases international students, their talents and their traditions through music and dance from Chinese, Caribbean, South American, Japanese, Indian, South Asia and Arabic influences, to name but a few.  It rings campus diversity into one, big dynamic showcase and introduces different cultures to the community.

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By Syed K Jamal


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