Where Can I Study English in Minneapolis, Minnesota?

Where Can I Study English in Minneapolis, Minnesota?

By Brianna Burrows

Located in the state of Minnesota, Minneapolis is a large sprawling city and is the second largest city in the midwestern United States. Minneapolis sits on the western side of the Mississippi River while the city of St. Paul sits on the eastern side of the river. Minneapolis is known for many industries such as health care, entertainment, theater, sports, and parks. The city has a diverse population and is home to many international students. Below, we have highlighted three schools that are in or near Minneapolis.

University of Minnesota

The Intensive English Program (IEP) offers students two sessions a year to improve their English skills. Each session is 15 weeks. There is a fall session starting in September and a spring session starting in January. The IEP provides 25 hours of instruction a week with classes focusing on grammar, speaking, listening, and writing.

Winona State University

The English Language Center prepares students for admissions to Winona State University. The center offers two different programs: Bridge Program and Intensive English Program. The Bridge Program is a part-time program for higher level students who take classes at the English Center and credit courses to earn a degree at the university. The Intensive English Program is a full-time program for students to learn English. The program offers 20 hours per week of instruction, including tutoring hours and cultural activities.

For a full list of schools in or near Minneapolis, Minnesota click here.

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