Considering A Women's College

Considering A Women's College

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Young women around the world are curious about the excellent all-women’s colleges in the United States. Female students should consider this fulfilling option as they pursue going to school in the U.S.A.

Women’s college in the U.S.A.

Until the beginning of the 20th century, universities and colleges in the U.S.A. were predominantly single-sex institutions, and the majority were for men only. By 1930 this had changed to an equal number of male and female single-sex institutions, but by then the overall majority of colleges were coeducational.

Although there are very few men-only colleges now, there are approximately 65 women’s colleges. These include institutions that are public, private, church-related and independent. They offer associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees.

Quality education at a U.S. women’s college

Graduates of women’s colleges in the United States are not only very well prepared for further studies, but they also take pride in the fact that a higher percentage end up in leadership positions in their communities and careers than women who attend coeducational institutions.

Women’s colleges are recognized widely for their academic quality. They offer a variety of academic programs and prepare students for occupations that go beyond traditional women’s careers. In the nineteenth century almost all of the female scientists in the United States were educated at women’s colleges, and recently the majority have been as well.

Why consider a women’s college?

U.S. women’s colleges typically provide a supportive institutional environment, intellectual challenge from faculty, and female role models. Students experience fewer distractions and develop greater social self-confidence, which leads to more successful lives and careers.

Is it a good choice for international students?

For female international students, women’s colleges typically provide an intellectually stimulating and emotionally supportive environment, which can be especially important to an international student. Students studying abroad in the U.S.A., not only meet and befriend other women from all over the world, but also frequently become future leaders in community, national, and international associations.

International graduates of U.S. women’s colleges are among the strongest advocates for their experience. They cite the respect given to them for their cultural traditions, the attention paid to supporting their classroom work and extracurricular experiences, the female faculty role models who encouraged and challenged them to excel, and the close community of colleagues and friends they keep for the rest of their lives.   

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