My Welcome to Santa Barbara

My Welcome to Santa Barbara

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I want to start off by saying that I fell in love with Santa Barbara City College campus the moment I set my foot here. The view is amazing, the buildings are very nice, and everyone I have met on campus so far has been really friendly and helpful. One of my favorite buildings is the library on west campus. You can go there and use computers, get tutoring, or just read. The best part is the beautiful view right outside the building, this is the first thing you would see when you step out of the door. Isn’t it beautiful? Imagine to study in such an inspiring environment! I am very excited about my time here.

There are a bunch of different classes to take here. I have decided to take dance, acting for the camera (which is something I have never done before), and music. I am also taking introduction to business with Bonnie. He was so inspiring during our first class, and I knew right away that I can learn a lot from him. I felt the same way when I met my dance teacher Tracy, he has so much experience and a great posture. To be honest I have felt extremely inspired by all teachers I have met so far, and it makes me eager to learn.

Places to go while you are in Santa Barbara

There is a little pizza place downtown that I would like to recommend. It is called N.Y. Pizza, and they have a great pepperoni pizza that is worth trying! I bought a slice for about 5 dollars, it is pricey but it was worth it! The slice was really BIG, and I did not have to eat anything more after that, it kept me full the entire evening.  

I am absolutely thrilled to be here, and I am going to make the most of it!

Astrid Sjoeberg Sidibe from Sweden is studying at Santa Barbara City College in California.