Your Child & Their U.S. Education - A Parent's Perspective

Your Child & Their U.S. Education - A Parent's Perspective

An education presents opportunity that may not have been there otherwise. It is the key difference, the catalyst towards success. Choosing the right school and location is an important decision to be made with much care. It is a life-changing investment.

The United States offers one of the highest quality higher education systems in the world. The educational philosophy and high standards, paired with the enormity of the United States presents numerous degree choices and many good schools for you to choose.

As a parent, you want to ensure that the school that you send your child to gives them the maximum potential, the best education, and the most opportunity for future success. Consider these factors when researching schools:

  • Do not just consider the reputation of the school, but also the degree programs.
  • Alumni: what sort of careers does the schools or degree programs’ alumni hold?
  • What degrees and experience do the professors and instructors’ hold? Is their knowledge current?
  • Class size: some students learn better in a classroom with fewer students, which allow the professor to give one-on-one attention as needed.
  • What sort of class projects, experiments, lab work, internships, etc. are offered? The United States educational philosophy utilizes a variety of teaching and learning techniques. Students do not just learn through memorization, but through applied learning. This type of learning is invaluable.
  • Services offered: is tutoring available? Many schools offer math, English language, and writing tutoring. Degree programs usually offer tutoring specific to the subject.
  • Are career services offered?

If your child’s English language skills need improvement, having them go through an intensive English language program is a very wise choice. Not only will they improve their English skills, but be specifically prepared for the demands of university-level courses.

Another factor of prime importance to many parents is the safety of their child while studying. The safety of students is also of prime importance to university and college campuses and furthermore, the United States is generally a very safe place. Like in any country, good judgment and common sense should be practiced. Many campuses have their own campus security and safety personnel as well as services such as escorts, late-night transportation, etc.

By giving your child a U.S. education, you are giving them enormous opportunity. They will gain invaluable cultural experience—do not forget the importance of this. Although cultural experience cannot be readily explained on a resume, their education can. Listing an American university and degree under their educational credentials will make them stand out among fellow job applicants and colleagues throughout their professional careers.   

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