Quiz: What Kind of Roommate Are You?

Quiz: What Kind of Roommate Are You?

By Lorena Roberts

Should you live alone or with roommates? How many? Do you need your own bathroom? How should you market yourself to viable roommate options? How should you describe yourself when writing a roommate ad?

These are all good questions to have when thinking about your college living situation. It’s important to know who you are, so you can best pick who you should live with if anyone at all. Take this quiz to find out what kind of roommate you are and how you should market yourself when it comes to finding a roommate.

Question 1: When you make dinner and have some dirty dishes, do you …

A. Put them in the sink, maybe “let them soak,” and promise yourself you’ll do them later?

B. Wash them immediately — heaven forbid germs spread! If the dishwasher is empty, you’ll load them, but only after you’ve at least rinsed them first.

C. Put it on the floor for the dog to clean and then maybe put them in the dishwasher if you feel like it.

Question 2: When the garbage gets full, how do you respond to the situation? 

A. You push down the trash, making more room for what you want to throw in. Surely someone else can fit at least one more thing in before the bag needs to be tied and removed.

B. You immediately pull out the bag, tie it up, and walk it to your car to be taken to the dumpster.

C. You remove and tie the bag and then set it on the patio for one of your roommates to take later … when they have time.

Question 3: When there seems to be some debris on the living room floor from the leaves or dirt outside, what do you do? 

A. Leave it — your roommates are probably the owners of the feet who tracked it in.

B. Get out the mini-vacuum and the Swiffer. Wouldn’t want guests thinking we’re some kind of pigs!!

C. Vacuum, but only if you weren’t the one to vacuum last time. There’s a good chance it isn’t even your turn.

Question 4: You and your roommate leave at the same time on Wednesdays and you both drink coffee. Does this matter?

A. Of course not.

B. For sure! You brew your K-cup and hers. But you draw the line at adding the creamer.

C. Heck yeah, it matters. It should be made by the time you walk downstairs. Didn’t she think of you while she was brewing hers?

Question 5: The bathroom you let guests use is getting a bit dirty. How do you handle it? 

A. Ain’t my bathroom, ain’t my deal.

B. Clean it! Obviously. It’ll take like 15 minutes and your guests will be so so appreciative.

C. Tell your roommates it’s time to clean the guest bathroom and see who volunteers.

Question 6: You’re trying to do your laundry. But someone else’s clothes are in the dryer. What do you do? 

A. Throw them on the floor.

B. Fold them and lay them on top.

C. You know whose clothes they are, so you dump them on their bed with a note that next time they’ll be in the garbage.

Question 7: Your utility bill is getting higher and higher, probably because your roommates do their boyfriend’s laundry at your place. What do you do? 

A. It’s all the same laundry — probably doesn’t even matter.

B. Ask them to quit — it’s costing you a fourth job!

C. They’re bringing you Starbucks in return, so it’s worth it.

Question 8: You’re out of trash bags and dishwashing detergent. What do you do?? 

A. All the more reason not to run the dishwasher, am I right?

B. Buy some — obviously.

C. Leave a note on the fridge! Someone will pick some up.

Question 9: Someone keeps mistaking your yogurt for theirs; how do you handle the situation?

A. Label your crap, man.

B. It’s probably fine. What are a few things of yogurt anyway?

C. Ew, who eats yogurt?

Question 10: You’ve made a frozen pizza and there’s a piece left over. Do you …

A. Offer it to your roommates?

B. Bag it up for lunch tomorrow?

C. Feed it to the dogs?

If you’re mostly A’s, you should move back in with your mother. It looks like you need someone to constantly take care of you. If you aren’t willing to pitch in, you shouldn’t live with roommates in college. Only someone who loves you with their whole heart could possibly live with how much of a pig you are.

If you’re mostly B’s, you’re the “mom” of the apartment. You’re constantly, graciously, pitching in (more than you should!). Don’t lose sight of your boundaries.

If you’re mostly C’s, you’re a decent roommate. Sometimes you’re a bit selfish, but for the most part, you handle your own business.

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