Living in the Dormitory: Everything You Need to Know

Living in the Dormitory: Everything You Need to Know

Moving to the dormitory from your family home can be difficult — it’s a total change of environment and social circle. However, it is possible to make this experience easier if you know what to prepare for in advance. In fact, everyone who ever lived in a dormitory says that it was challenging, but in the end, it was a worthwhile experience. 

Plan Ahead

More than 40% of students all over the world live in dormitories — the rest either stay with their parents or work and rent separate housing. If you’re moving to another city or country, the dormitory will be the most economical and practical choice. If you are planning to live in a dormitory, apply for it in advance. 

It Might Get Loud

Even with everyone observing all the rules of living together, you should not hope for complete silence, solitude, and peace when living in a dorm. It is possible that your neighbor will prepare for exams at night, rustle through the pages of books, or even snore. Prepare by having noise-cancelling headphones or ear plugs. 

Living Harmoniously

Not all colleges and universities provide the opportunity to choose your roommate. At some universities, you can fill out a questionnaire that will match you with a roommate whose personality type and interests will be close to yours. But if that’s not the case, you and your new roommate will both need to make an effort to coexist peacefully in your shared space.

Practical Needs

When you go to university, you will need to start taking care of yourself. Unfortunately, a hot lunch already prepared by your mom for your return from school is no longer available. Yes, you can always buy hot food at the university cafeteria, but if you have your own kitchen, it can be less expensive to shop at the nearest grocery supermarket and cook for yourself.

In addition, living with a stranger implies certain rules of coexistence. And maintaining cleanliness and order is one of them. Therefore, it is common courtesy that you know how to take care of your shared space by picking up after yourself and keeping it clean. Also, you will need to know how to launder your own clothes. Try to work on these skills before leaving home!

Your Residential Assistant Can Help You

Your residential assistant (RA) wants to help you settle in and adjust to the change in your living situation. Use your RA as a source of information — ask about rules you don’t understand or where to find the closest shops. Because they have been through what you’re experiencing, they are in a great position to help you navigate your new life.

Don’t Forget to Study!

Admission to college, moving to a dormitory, in a new city, with new people and new rules can be stressful. At first, you might feel strange, miss home, and have difficulties with your studies. Most students go through this stage and it is important to help yourself through this time. Even if it’s hard for you to get used to living in the dormitory, if you’re struggling with the noise and constant presence of other people, remember your goals. Work on your time management skills so as not to do your homework at the last minute. 

Be a Change Superstar 

Going to college and living in a dormitory will help you grow up. With so many new experiences, friends, and learning opportunities, your life will never be the same again. Enjoy the changes you’re experiencing and have fun living and learning in your new dormitory!

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