Financing Your Education

Financing Your Education

I am an undergraduate student thinking of applying to study in the USA. I have very good grades and test scores. Is it possible for me to get a full scholarship at a university?

Answer: Unfortunately, there is very little aid available for international students at the undergraduate level at most schools: even top students can rarely find full funding. However, a few private schools may have funds available. Policies vary from school to school, and you should inquire directly to the International Admissions Office at each prospective school to find out the availability of funds. You should also be aware that financial aid is usually awarded according to a different time schedule than the admissions office uses for direct application approval, so if you are interested in financial aid, make sure that you indicate your interest in your initial request for information.

How can I get financial aid that will help me to go to an American University? Are there any criteria to get a Research Assistantship or Teaching Assistantship?

Answer: While some universities have financial aid for international students, their policies vary widely, so it is important for you to make direct contact with the schools that interest you. However, there are some general principles of financial aid that may be useful: there is a great deal of difference in the financial aid picture depending on whether you are applying as an undergraduate or a graduate. There is much more assistance available for graduate students (often in the form of teaching/research assistantships).

The condition for this assistance are established by individual graduate departments, so we urge you should contact those departments directly at an early stage of your search. Be prepared to indicate any research interests you have. You should know that many teaching and research assistantships are competitive and that some schools do not offer assistantships to first-year graduate students. It is also important for you to take the TSE (Test of Spoken English) as well as, TOEFL, if you are interested in a teaching assistantship.

Is it possible to study and work part-time to finance myself partially?

Answer: For the most part, in order to get a visa, you will need to demonstrate that your finances will allow you to study without relying on income from working. It is allowable for you to work part- time on campus, if such work is available at the school you attend, but the income from such jobs is not sufficient to be a major part of your financing. Off-campus employment is not allowed except in very special circumstances, and never for new students.

How much does it cost to attend an MBA program in the USA? How long will it take to complete a program?

Answer: The range of cost per year for an MBA program is quite wide, from about US$10,000 to more than US$40,000, including all costs except transportation. Most programs are two years in length. However, there are some accelerated programs that can be completed in as little as one year. Whether such a program is appropriate for you depends on your preparation and your language skills.

My wife is going to do undergraduate study in the USA. I will accompany her. I want to know if I can work there.

Answer: Unfortunately, F-2 visa holders are not permitted to work in the United States under any circumstances. You may take classes, however.

Please help me find out about the Texas Laws regarding tuition for International Students. I have heard that if an international student receives a certain amount of scholarship, he/she is eligible for in-state tuition fee in Texas. Is this true?

Answer: According to the International Admissions Office of the University of Texas, International students who are awarded grants of $1,000 or more by a Texas public university are eligible for in-state fees. These grants are generally part of teaching or research assistantships for graduate students and are not automatic. Eligibility for these grants vary from university to university, so it is extremely important that you inquire directly to the graduate departments at the universities in which you are interested. The same eligibility for in-state fees applies to undergraduates, but the award of $1,000 in scholarship money to undergraduates is extremely competitive and rarely available.

I am interested in obtaining an assistantship in order to pursue graduate study in business or social science. Is this possible? Are assistantships awarded by the university or by the government?

Answer: Generally, financial aid for international graduate students is awarded directly by the individual university or one of its departments. This aid is often in the form of research or teaching assistantships. Aid may include tuition fee remission or a stipend or both.

There is usually more aid of this type available in sciences than in other fields of study, but policies vary widely from university to university. It is therefore usually the most effective plan to locate the institutions that have the academic programs that interest you most, then to make direct contact with the office of admissions at each of the schools.

Are student loans available for international students?

Answer: Loans are not usually available for international students (since almost all of the funds are from the U.S. government and are targeted at U.S. citizens).

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