How to Tell Your Parents You Want to Study in the USA

How to Tell Your Parents You Want to Study in the USA

I still remember the day when I came up with the idea of going to study abroad and told my parents about it. It was difficult for them, especially because I had never been to another country. Some of you may have experienced or are going to experience this situation and ask yourself, "How will I tell my parents about this?"

Today, I will share with you some tips that will help you convince your family of your desire to study in the United States. First of all, the best thing you can do is tell your parents the reasons why you would like to study abroad. There may be many reasons, but try to emphasize those that are related to the academic.

The next step is to explain to your family the educational system in the country you want to study, in this case, the United States. You can use brochures about the universities or exchange programs in which you are interested and testimonial videos of students who have already participated in similar programs. Study in the USA is a good platform that can help you with all the information you and your parents need!

Security! One of the most important things you should talk about with your parents is safety at the universities. It is essential for your family to know that you will be completely safe during your stay in the United States. One of the best ways to demonstrate this is by going to the website of the university you will go to. On websites, you will find detailed and reliable information about the safety and security on campus.

“Will you be able to pay for your studies abroad?” This is the question that your parents will ask you without hesitation. I am sure you know about the scholarships and all the financial aid that the universities in the United States offer, but maybe your parents do not know about them. The best thing you can do is to talk about these opportunities to pay for your education and the requirements to access them. Be very specific in this step, because it could be crucial in your parents' final decision.

The last, but not the least important advice for you is to show that you are ready for this experience. Your parents need to trust in your maturity to start this new path in your life.

Studying abroad is a great opportunity, but it requires a lot of attention and responsibility. Although you have never studied abroad before (this was my case), you can be a successful student at a U.S. university if you prove that you are mature enough. If you follow these tips, I'm sure your parents will support you to fulfill your dream of studying in the United States!

Remember, be honest when talking to your family about your goals and don’t give up!

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Diana Vicezar is from Paraguay and studied for a summer in the EducationUSA Academy at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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