How to Host a Party or Gathering in Your Apartment

How to Host a Party or Gathering in Your Apartment

Whether it’s a holiday, a great test score, or just a fun Friday night, there are plenty of reasons to gather your friends and throw a party in your apartment. If your apartment feels too tight to host all your friends, use these tips to help you throw an exciting event in a small space.

Tidy Up

Cleaning your apartment to make the most of your available space before guests arrive is a good starting point when you don’t have much room to work with. Put away all your belongings that usually wind up in corners or on the floor, and think about how you can maximize the counter and table space you have available. Put toasters and coffee makers in the kitchen cabinets and relocate any home décor that could get in the way of your friends’ food and drinks. If you’re having several friends over, designate a space where they can place their belongings so they are out of the way when the party begins.

Reimagine Your Space

When preparing for a party, it’s important to plan ahead and get creative. Consider having a different activity in each room of your apartment to keep guests spaced out. For example, put food in the dining room, drinks in the kitchen, and games and seating in the living room. Leaving the entryway free will be helpful for guests as they arrive.

Think of new ways to use items you already have in your space. For example, you can grab a couple bags of ice to make your sink into a large cooler for drinks. Bring desk chairs, stools, bean bags and anything else that can be used for seating into the main gathering space for your guests to sit and relax.

You’ll also want to rearrange furniture to make sure your apartment is ready for the kind of gathering you’re hosting. Game nights and dance parties will require different set-ups, so think about how you’re planning on spending your time and adjust your space accordingly.

Less is More for Décor

To keep your space from feeling cluttered, don’t use too much décor. Try hanging decorations like garland or twinkle lights up and out of your guests’ way to bring a positive energy to the room. Add ambiance by lighting candles and creating a playlist for your party that speaks to the theme of the night. Having a lot of people in a small space can feel stuffy, so open up the windows for a welcome evening breeze to keep the fresh air flowing.

Don’t let your small space keep you from throwing a great party. Putting a little planning into your gathering can make all the difference when it comes to hosting a big event in a small space. Keep these simple steps in mind to create a fun, friendly atmosphere in your apartment.

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