Ways to Success

Ways to Success

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By Brenda Ametepe

Imagine that for your first birthday, your parents offer you a book which encompasses everything about life: The harmony of the universe, human relationships, success, and everything else we can think of. Imagine you have been given the “Book of Life,” a manuscript that guarantees your success and happiness during your time on this earth. If there was such a book and my parents only gave me a toy for my first birthday, then I will be so furious, I may not ever talk to them again. But is there such a book? We all wish it exists! Yes, there are many books out there about life, human relationships, aspirational books… but not THE “Book of Life.” This book comes straight from my imagination, and I wish I had the superpower to make everything appear when I want it to. Then, you could all thank me for writing/finding that book, and we could all live a joyful and successful life. Did I find THE book? Well, no sorry — take your pain in patience because I still have good news.

Even if the idea of having a book that will predict everything about my life and hence give me the tools to succeed in every little stepstone of my life sounds interesting — no, HELLA interesting — I also wonder if life will still be life if such a book existed. I personally think if everything was predicted and every action was anticipated, life won’t be as mysterious but fun as it is! That is what makes it beautiful! Think about it for a second. In your body, your cells don’t have a perfect shape, they have bumps! In nature, everything is not flat. Have you ever wondered why we have mountains or dips? They are not just there for the aesthetic but they contribute to the overall harmony of the universe. So, why do we humans expect to have a straight life, without “bumps” (aka difficulties)? There is no such thing as a life without difficulties, and they are what make you grow.

Now, it's totally fine to ask for help on the way or educate yourself about certain things to have a better life and succeed. As an international student in the USA, I have found my way around things, and I can confidently say that life is easier now that I am aware of things. Clearly, you have to search yourself and ask around what and where the best deals are, the cheapest grocery stores … I would also lie if I say I did not get any help, I sure did. Thanks, Google, for the help but also thanks to my counselors, advisors, and friends.

The good news now is that I found a book that is specifically dedicated for international students and that aspires to make our life easier in the USA. When I first read the book, I wondered how come I did not find such a book earlier (it would have made many things easier). That book is simply an international student guide — “The International Student Hack.” It encompasses the way to success in college, scholarships websites, the different possibilities international students have in terms of work and much much more. It is surely not THE “Book of Life,” but it is THE “International Student Book of Success.” I urge you to read the book and learn the hacks and tips which will make your life easier in the U.S.

Until next time, be safe and see you in my next one. Happy Holidays!!!

Brenda Ametepe is a bioengineering student in Santa Rosa Junior College, California. She is passionate about the biology of the human body and aspires to become a medical doctor in the future.