From Temple University: You Are Welcome Here!

From Temple University: You Are Welcome Here!

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Temple University is the creator of the national You Are Welcome Here Campaign. Below is a quote from Global Temple News explaining what the #YouAreWelcomeHere campaign is all about: 

 “It’s a message of welcome from U.S. higher education to international students around the world. It’s a way for us to let students know that our institutions are diverse, friendly, safe and committed to their development. More importantly, we want to demonstrate that this sentiment is shared throughout our campus communities. The photo and video messages feature students, faculty, and staff from many different backgrounds delivering the same statement. The repetition of this welcoming message has a powerful effect, I think. In the videos, especially, you feel the genuine enthusiasm of the participants. You can sense the emotion and caring that went into producing them.”

~Jessica Sandberg, Temple University's Director of International Admissions

We're proud to share their groundbreaking video, which includes Temple University international students and faculty members.

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