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Southwestern Oregon Community College is a state, fully accredited, two-year community college that prepares international students to succeed in their education while embracing American culture fully in a vibrant community.

Southwestern Oregon Community College (SWOCC):
the Spirit of Adventure

Southwestern Oregon Community College is a state, fully accredited, two-year community college that prepares international students to succeed in their education while embracing American culture fully in a vibrant community.

Programs at SWOCC

  • 2+2 University Transfer Preparation Programs:
    Students can study the first 2 years at SWOCC before transferring to a four-year university, such as University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Southern Oregon University, all of the Oregon public universities and other colleges and universities across the United States.
  • Associate Degree or Certificate Programs
    Study Associate degrees or complete short-term certificated programs in more than 50 academic subject areas. For a complete listing of degree and certificate options, visit SWOCC's online @ http://www.socc.edu/academics/degrees
  • Oregon Coast Culinary Institute
    We also have an award-winning on-site Oregon Coast Culinary Institute (www.occi.net) for pursuing a career in the Culinary Arts and Baking & Pastry Arts.


  • Easy Admission Process:
    We admit international students with low TOEFL scores (45iBT). Once a complete application packet is received, an admission decision will be made in 2 business days.
    For a complete admissions requirement, visit our website @ http://www.socc.edu/isp-admissions-info
  • Conditional Admissions:
    We will offer a Conditional Letter of Acceptance (CLA) if you apply to a language school and to Southwestern Oregon Community College at the same time. Please see a list of our partner English Language schools @ http://www.socc.edu/isp-conditional-admissions
  • On-campus student housing:
    SWOCC is one of the few community colleges in the Northwest of the United States that is able to provide this service to its students.
  • Affordable Cost:
    SWOCC tuition and fees are much lower than those at 4-year colleges and universities. Tuition for international students is a good value and can be estimated at $10,668 per academic year (3 quarters).
  • Small Class size:

    Classes at SWOCC are kept small to ensure students have adequate contact with instructors. Normal size for lecture and discussion classes is 20-25 students.


Southwestern Oregon Community College


Oregon Adventures

Southwestern Oregon Community College is located on the west coast of the United States, within two miles of the Pacific Ocean in an area of scenic beauty and mild climate. The 174-acre campus is located on the shore of Empire Lakes in a natural tract of coastal pine forest. The College and the city of Coos Bay provide students with a safe, peaceful environment in which to study with access to a variety of recreational activities including:

  • hiking,
  • ATV riding,
  • kayaking,
  • surfing,
    and other exceptional opportunities for enjoying the outdoors.

Student Experience at SWOCC

  • Jumpei I. from Japan (transferred to University of Oregon)~
    Simply put, I cannot imagine a better study abroad program than what SWOCC offers. From the day that I arrived from Tokyo, it has been stimulating living in Oregon and the experience of studying in Coos Bay allowed me to grow as an individual and discover my own talents.

    On campus, the smaller class size helped me actively participate in class discussions. Professors were very friendly and engaging and I have been able to maintain great relationships with them. I got to interact and spend quality time with interesting people every single day. The community that SWOCC is in is quite wonderful as well. I had the privilege of getting involved in musical theater and the experience was just invaluable. They were very accepting and caring and always pushed me to achieve more.

    I can't fail to mention the beautiful Northwest weather, too, which has brought me mental and physical comfort. I now have a much broader curiosity, a desire to keep myself educated, and no fear of accepting new challenges.

  • Yumezo D. from Osaka, Japan (transferred to Southern Arkansas University)~
    People at SWOCC were awesome and kind, and there was a great environment to study and speak English for me. Also, I was participating in the baseball program and I was a leading pitcher of the team in 2013. I have transferred to Southern Arkansas University with baseball scholarships from Fall 2013. I'm so exciting to play here and study Business Management. SWOCC made me strong. I’m very glad I came to SWOCC.

  • Reagan S. from British Columbia, Canada~
    I came to SWOCC to play basketball and study Criminal Justice, yet I have come out of just my first year with more than only those two things. SWOCC gave me the chance to learn from wonderful professors, play basketball, and also live in a beautiful place.

    On the academic end of it, SWOCC let me be interactive in all your classes with small class sizes and a large variety of people from different steps in life. On the athletic end of it, they have wonderful sports facilities with a very prideful program.

    SWOCC also gave me the chance to live and experience the beautiful west coast. The lake on campus, vast beaches, and endless hikes add something special to your experience.

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Southwestern Oregon Community College

International Students Programs at SWOCC were created specifically to ensure a successful educational and personal experience among our international students as well as to promote cross-cultural understanding. We are committed to helping international students adjust to a different educational and cultural environment. For current information on admissions requirements, please follow the link below!


$15,000—$20,000 Year

Fast facts

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Top Programs

Business, Culinary, University Transfer

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Type of School

2yr/Community College

  • School Size

  • Student Body Gender

  • Religious Affiliation

    No Affiliation
  • Scholarships for International Students

  • Conditional Admission Available

  • Setting

    Small/College town
  • Accreditation and Certification

    AACC Schools
  • Type of Housing

    Residence Hall, Apartment
  • Test Scores

    IELTS: Band 5+, TOEFL: 45+

Coos Bay OR
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1988 Newmark Ave. Coos Bay, OR

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