Oak Ridge Military Academy

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    $45,000—$50,000 Year

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    No Affiliation

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    Summer Camps/Programs, High School Completion, Leadership

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The Oak Ridge experience

Oak Ridge Military Academy (ORMA), is a unique community of caring educators and mentors who come alongside youth to help them meet their needs and build them into successful student leaders. ORMA creates an environment that fosters sound values, encourages learning, and provides opportunities to practice positive influence today so they will shape cultures tomorrow. This vision is rooted in the belief that Character, Knowledge, and Influence are the building blocks of Leadership.

The Oak Ridge experience begins with adult mentors in and out of the classroom who are experienced leaders caring for each child. Character is shaped through the positive peer pressure of Cadet Leaders, community projects, and Chapel programs. ORMA’s dedicated faculty is exceptionally effective in encouraging Cadets to learn and equipping them with the tools to develop their communication and study skills. Cadets learn to think with their heads and their hearts as they prepare to lead others.

Cadet Honor Code: I will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do.
Cadet Creed: I will be honest and courteous, respect the rights and dignity of others, and be proud of how I act and who I am.
Faculty Creed: What we teach and do for our cadets is important, but more important is what we teach them to do for themselves.

The opportunity to exercise leadership is another distinctive quality of Oak Ridge Military Academy. While first a college-preparatory school, the military structure affords Cadets with positions to positively influence their peers. These skills will set them apart in centers for higher learning, as well as their chosen professions after college.

Oak Ridge Military Academy offers an extremely diverse Corps of Cadets.  The Corps is comprised of youth from across the nation and around the world. They come from North Carolina and California, China and Russia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Europe and the Middle East. One can say, “The world has come to Oak Ridge.” This rich mixture of cultures and experiences broadens the mind of each Cadet. They form friendships, continuing far beyond their time at ORMA.

“Oak Ridge Military Academy is an outstanding institution! The strength of the military and academic programs is useful in helping cadets reach their goals, and I love to see the direction it’s heading. Oak Ridge was a wonderful foundation for my future.”

The Oak Ridge Military Academy experience has proven effective for more than 170 years. Founded by three visionary families in 1852, the Academy has held onto the timeless values of Character, Knowledge, and Influence while transforming its methods to help your child be successful in today’s ever-changing world.

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Oak Ridge Military Academy

Oak Ridge Military Academy
2317 Oak Ridge Rd
Oak Ridge NC 27310
P: 336-515-8040
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  • High School Completion
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  • Leadership
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  • Summer Camps/Programs
  • High School Completion
  • Leadership