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    $5,000—$10,000 Session

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    No Affiliation

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  • Setting

    City, Small/College town, Suburban, Rural

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    Residence Hall, Homestay, Apartment, Dormitory

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What is Study Massachusetts?

“Study Massachusetts” is an association of institutions with the state of Massachusetts looking to help connect international students with all of the various educational options throughout the state.

Why study in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts is home to the country’s oldest high school, the first public library, oldest boarding school, oldest college, and the first women’s college. Official landmarks and historical sites can be found throughout the state. Massachusetts has 12% of the top research universities and 15% of the top 40 liberal arts colleges. Several of the world’s best medical and technology facilities are located here as well as numerous multinational corporations. You can get almost anywhere in the state in less than three and half hours from Boston’s Logan International Airport. There are mountains, rocky coastlines, and sandy beaches as well as forests, lakes, farms, and urban centers.

Partner Institutions

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Study Massachusetts
Study Massachusetts
Massachusetts MA 02109
P: 206-622-2075
English Programs
  • Business English
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • English for Postgraduates
  • English for Professionals
  • English for Specific Purposes Programs
  • English for Young Learners (ages 10-17)
  • English Language (ESL)
  • General English Programs
  • IELTS in the USA
  • Intensive English as a Second Language
  • Summer Intensive English
  • TESOL and Teacher Training
  • TOEFL and University Preparation