Silicon Valley Intensive English Program (SVIEP)

Here are a few reasons why we've been so successful in helping students achieve their goals through SVIEP. 

The Silicon Valley Intensive English Program (SVIEP) is an exciting program of study for students seeking high-quality English language preparation for college. Students who successfully complete SVIEP Level 4 are guaranteed admission into the San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley (Cañada College, College of San Mateo, and Skyline College). Visit SVIEP online at http://smccd.edu/sviep/.

Here are a few reasons why we've been so successful in helping students achieve their goals through SVIEP. 

  • TOEFL / IELTS scores are NOT required for admission
  • Guaranteed college admission after completing Level 4
  • 5 start dates per year (June, August, October, January, and March) with option for 8 weeks, 16 weeks, 24 weeks, or 32 weeks
  • 22 hours of instruction per week in Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Grammar, and American Culture
  • Small classes with personal attention from experienced instructors with Master’s in TESOL, Applied Linguistics, and related fields
  • Homestay options for a rich cultural experience
  • Preparation for transition to college, access to health center, library and student support services, student clubs, cross-cultural activities, visits to local universities
  • After SVIEP, complete transfer requirements at one of our 3 colleges to take advantage of outstanding transfer opportunities to UCs, CSUs, and more

Bindi's Success Story: From SVIEP to INTERIOR DESIGN MAJOR at Cañada College

"SVIEP is the best environment to learn English as a second language. I graduated from the SVIEP in 2017. I am pursuing Interior Design degree at Cañada College and planning to transfer to 4-year institution now. The instructors and coordinators are intelligent and welcoming. Back in that time, [I was] delighted and grateful to feel the progress that I made by myself every day. They [SVIEP] have small classes for the students, so you can get a lot of attention out of the classes which I really enjoyed...You won’t regret to study in SVIEP. They’re the best."

Bindi Lee 李思蓉

Quyen's Success Story: From SVIEP to ACCOUNTING MAJOR at Skyline College

"As an international student, I have been challenged to learn English as my second language. SVIEP is the best English program that is a jumping-off [point] on my education path in the US. SVIEP helped me to pursue and reach my goals. My preparation in SVIEP helped me feel confident and made everything easy for me when I transferred to the academic program to pursue my Accounting degree. I had a great experience in SVIEP with all the support from my instructors and friends. It was a valuable time in my education path."

Quyen Nguyen

Calvin's Success Story: From SVIEP to BUSINESS MAJOR at College of San Mateo

"I had valuable experiences during the SVIEP program. All my professors and the coordinator are amazing and helpful to students. They are happy to help students in any circumstances to achieve their goals. In my personal experience, taking the SVIEP program before applying to college or university is very essential to improve your confidence and they [SVIEP] will motivate students and push you to develop strong communication skills. If you want to prepare your English skills before applying to university and college, this is the right place for you!” 

Calvin (Sai Saing Lai)

Gracie's Success Story: From SVIEP to ANTHROPOLOGY MAJOR at Cañada College

"I benefited from the SVIEP program greatly. It improved my English and proficiency and  it prepared me well for college. SVIEP helped me to build my confidence, and I am pleased with my progress. SVIEP has small classes so that I can communicate with professors and classmates frequently and closely. It is very crucial before studying in college and applying for universities. Now I am pursuing Anthropology in Cañada College and planning to take on a second major before applying for universities. SVIEP is the best way to learn English."

Gracie Guo 郭元春

Winnie's Success Story: From SVIEP to ART HISTORY MAJOR at College of San Mateo

"One can’t ask for a better place than SVIEP to learn English as a second language to become prepared to take on a new level of learning. When I graduated from SVIEP in 2017, I benefited a lot so that I could start my college life smoothly. SVIEP is characterized by a small class system that truly focuses on what students need both in study and life and effectively helps them make progress. I am grateful for what I have achieved and believe that it will also happen to you. Studying in SVIEP is the first step to your success and I wish you a future filled with support and success."

Winnie Wang

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$1,000—$5,000 Session

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