As an international student, applying to study in the USA takes planning and lots of work. You’ll have many questions, so you’ll need some help to achieve your goal. We have made it easier for you to succeed by putting together a free database of in-depth articles and stories about international students, the US educational system and much more.

women collegiate level basketball

Sports Are Dominating College Life

Something is missing. I got this feeling at the end of March, when the evenings on our Northwest College campus became kind of boring. The thing that’s missing is a special part of college life: the sports.

Category: Beyond the Basics
January 5th, 2023
10 Reasons to Study Business in the USA

10 Reasons to Study Business in the USA

There are many reasons why you should consider studying business in the USA. What are two of the top 10 reasons? Business programs in America can give you opportunities for professional development and access to cutting-edge technology. Read on to le...

Studying Architecture at College of DuPage

Studying Architecture at College of DuPage

Akash Mattu learned about the construction industry by spending time with family friends who were architects. He discovered the beautiful and profound impacts architecture can have on poverty, social equity, and our built environment. Inspired to pur...

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