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An associate’s degree can be an affordable option for furthering your career and education. For many universities and employers, an associate’s degree is considered equal to or greater than a high school diploma, with many if not all of the credits you earn being transferable to a four-year university. Attending a community college can offer you similar experiences to more prominent universities in a smaller, more personal environment. 

Associate’s degrees are known as 2+2 programs. You can spend your first two years in community college before transferring to a four-year university for your final two years. If you choose to take the community college route, you can take general education courses required during your first two years of university, but at a much lower cost! 

Your job prospects with an associate’s degree can make you competitive for jobs in many industries. Assistant positions in healthcare, business, IT, and even education have students who have earned an associate’s degree. Your qualifications could make you even more competitive in skilled trades such as manufacturing, maintenance, and more!

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Sinclair College

Sinclair College

$5,000—$10,000 Year

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