Guest post from TestRocker: 6 Things to Consider When Shortlisting US Colleges as an International Student

Guest post from TestRocker: 6 Things to Consider When Shortlisting US Colleges as an International Student

Jul 9, 2013

From TestRocker

6 Things to Consider When Shortlisting US Colleges as an International Student

  What is your learning style?Some colleges provide small classes or seminars where you have considerable interaction with the professor and are expected to participate in class. Big state universities have many classes in the form of lectures with large class sizes where you can be more anonymous. Pick a college that best matches your learning style.
 two Is it important for you to be with other international students?Even some of the top-ranked institutions in the U.S. have few international students. If it is important to you that there are students from your country at the school, you will have to do some research and perhaps even stick to bigger schools.
three Is there a dedicated international student office?If the university is dedicated to international student welfare, they should have an international student office led by an experienced professional. Such a resource can be useful in answering questions about student visas, work permits, internships, etc. They can also provide useful information on things like where to store your belongings during summer break, how to get a driver’s license, etc.
 four How far is the closest international airport?Many great colleges and universities are located in remote locations. Such institutions boast of a fantastic campus life. However, be aware you might have to take multiple trains, planes and buses just to access an international airport to go home during breaks. This can also make it harder for your family to visit you.
 five Where do you plan to live after graduation?Shortlist universities just by looking at US News rankings if you plan to live in the U.S. Otherwise, consider the college’s reputation in your country. Some very highly ranked colleges & universities don’t have a strong presence or alumni in countries outside the United States.
six How expensive is the college or university?Unfortunately, the majority of U.S. colleges don’t offer financial aid for international students. Don’t forget to take expenses beyond tuition into account such as housing, living & travel. Do your research.
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