From Spring International Language Center: Those Few Pinnacle Steps…

From Spring International Language Center: Those Few Pinnacle Steps…

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Stepping off the plane it becomes immediately clear that a brand new adventure is about to begin. The smell of pine wafts faintly over the eastern plains, coaxing with it the promise of majestic hikes and picturesque views to rival even the most worthy Instagram. The rolling grasslands greet bleary eyes as, one by one, passengers begin to disembark. Your heart begins to race. Walking the bridge from the airplane and into the terminal feels more significant than it should, as if these weary steps, taken after a several hour flight, are the pinnacle few that will be forever inscribed in your personal history as the most important ones ever taken.


The Colorado Plains

The air within the airport is electric, as if the anticipation of beholding far off places has become tangible and permeated every inch of space. The terminal is buzzing with the sounds of hundreds of people making their way two and fro, and as you close your eyes the noise envelop you. You strain to hear familiar sounds, once in a while you recognize a word, but for the most part it is all unfamiliar and strange noise. You feel a brief twinge of hesitation, you shove it down as you realize that you are not dreaming; you have crossed oceans chasing a dream and as that initial wave of worry leaves you, you realize you won’t let anything stop your journey now.


Down the escalators you go, following the steady stream of people you melt into the crowd allowing the swell to carry you. You ride the train to the last stop, sharing a rail with a small child who looks up at you with curious eyes and bracing as the brakes are applied. The child and her mother get off before you and she turns and waves as she gets off the train, you smile and wave back. Ten minutes in and you’ve already made a new friend. Again, following the crowd you ascend yet another escalator, up above you are several huge paper airplanes suspended in flight; their noses stretched to the sky. They embolden you and you feel excited to be on your way. Now at the top of the stairs you see a crowd of people facing you and the other former passengers, all with excited, hopeful expressions on their faces. You scan the crowd and soon spot your name on a white piece of paper. The paper rests in the hands of a woman with curly blond hair and as you approach she smiles and greets you.

“Welcome,” she says, “we are so excited to have you here with us!”

You aren’t entirely sure what she said, but her voice sounds kind and the tone happy. You smile and nod and follow her as she takes you to grab your bags and settle into your new life as a Spring International Language Center student.


In the days leading up to your graduation you think back on your first moments in Colorado. You look back on those initial feelings of hesitation and excitement. You remember the kind voices, the smiling eyes, the patience and the encouragement. You remember how each day of class unlocked doors of learning as slowly but surely the words that at one point sounded like no more than gibberish now take on meaning. You remember every milestone with pride and proudly contemplate how far you have come so quickly. All of those memories rush up at you in an instant as you make your way to the podium to give your speech.

“I want to thank you,” you say, confidence in your voice, “for coming to my graduation today…”


Graduating Class of Spring International Language Center (Littleton) Fall I 2016

Our greatest wish is that one day you will have a success story just like this one. What dreams would you hope to accomplish after you have unlocked the doors to the English language? Spring International would love to help you take those pinnacle first steps. Click here, or contact us at (303)797-0010, for more information.

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