What’s Your Vision for the United States?

What’s Your Vision for the United States?

August 31st, 2021

By Johnny Nezha

Beautiful Truths that Need to Be Said

Well, this is it, the last article of this mini-series, and I want to thank Study in the USA for having given me the opportunity to use their platform to share my perspective. 

In this last article, I simply wanted to share a necessity that I believe each and every one of us should have for the United States or the experience thereof.

Humanity drowns in self-absorption and egotism, and we only ask ourselves what something specifically can do for us, without us thinking — what we can do for it. 

Begin wondering; Besides the studying opportunity in the USA, what can I add to the United States? What am I bringing to the country? What am I adding to my community? Why might America or Americans need me? What can I do to make this country better, or its people better?

If you think that the above questions are above your realm of conception, well, think again. I always advise aiming for 500, because chances are higher of you hitting it than if you don’t aim for it at all. If you don’t hit it, you surely reach higher than you would have if you aimed lower.

As I mentioned in my very first article, this country is full of potential and things to be done. It doesn’t matter if you plan to go back to your home country or to go elsewhere at the completion of your degree, you always need to make it worth your while.

As I got married last year (yes, during the second wave of Covid), I started to evaluate my life again, this time, here in the U.S. I personally know that as soon as I get better established in this country, I do want to be able to lobby the government.

I do want there to be universal healthcare where people do not go bankrupt on medical bills. I do want the U.S. to become the shining city on the hill once again through innovation, technology, and using its diverse power to conspire in leading the world one more time. Perhaps not like the sole superpower it used to be, but I have nothing but praise for the U.S. as the leader of the free world.

Think about it, without the United States, democracy had a hard time being implemented worldwide. We all got wealthier through the free market, competition, and capitalism. The world has been a lot more peaceful since the U.S. started leading it after World War II. 

Yes, there have been hiccups, and the U.S. has committed its mistakes, but honestly who hasn’t? I’ve always said history is nasty, and if we all look back to our singular nations, chances are we stole some land, we killed some people, and we now call each other natives with entitlement.

The most beautiful part of the U.S., though, is that it’s a very introspective nation that wants to and is willing to do better. And this is what I most love about it.

I know that with this type of aptitude, this nation can increase in benignity and good samaritanism once again. 

If you plan to stay in the U.S., do your best to improve it, and if you choose to leave, take the best of your experience and spread the world like an evangelical.

Thank you for choosing to come study in the USA, and may your joyride last as long as possible.

All the best,
Johnny Nezha

Johnny Nezha is an Albanian-born, Italian-raised, marketing student at Los Angeles City College. He loves technology and the power of its innovation and is the founder of a startup called Khleon. His hobbies are skywatching and astronomy.

Written by

Johnny Nezha

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