Student blogger Indira's video log: Cooking on a Sunday

Student blogger Indira's video log: Cooking on a Sunday

Apr 2, 2013

In the rather stereotypical and gender biased world we live in now, people are surprised when they find out I have zero knowledge on cooking. There. I said it.   I wish I could say that I’m the female Jamie Oliver, but I’m not. “But Indira, you’re a girl! How do you not know how to cook?” Well, the problem is, there’s never been a situation where I’ve had to cook for myself, so I’ve never had to learn how to cook. However, now that I’m a college student living independently, I’ve starting learning the basics of cooking.

Nevertheless, six months of living on my own hasn’t made me a pro chef, and I’ve never really developed the art of cooking.   The problem now is, I miss Indonesian food! The nearest Indonesian restaurant, however, is a 50-minute drive away. I do not own a car, however, so I have to resort to taking the bus, in which it will take me about 2 hours and 20 minutes to get there.

It would definitely be silly and a waste of my time if I were to take the bus for 5 hours (to and forth) only to eat Indonesian food.   Therefore, on one particularly sunny day, I asked my friends to come over and cook for me! Let me introduce to you guys, Andjani Hastokirono (Indonesia), Carol Sajangbati (Indonesia), and Napat Kiat-arpadej (Thailand). Here is a cooking video we did, we hope you guys like it! Watch Indira's video log: Cooking on a Sunday here       Post by Indira Pranabudi, an international student attending Green River Community College

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