Where Can I Find Student Exchange Programs in the USA?

Where Can I Find Student Exchange Programs in the USA?

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By Brianna Burrows

Living and studying in the United States is a unique and exciting experience. The USA is large country with diverse cultures. Many international students seek to study in the USA but some, unfortunately, are not able to due to the long-term costs. Luckily, you can still experience living and studying in the USA, for a shorter period of time, through a student exchange program.


Many universities have partnerships with education institutions in the United States. For example, Linnaeus University in Sweden has an exchange program with State University of New York at Oneonta. If you are currently enrolled at a university in your home country, your best resource is to check with your university to see if they have any partnerships with college or universities in the USA.


The U.S. State Department offers non-citizens many resources for finding exchange programs. Their website has a great search tool that allow you to search based on your current education status, interests, and home country. In addition, they provide resources for exchange students on youth leadership exchange programs, summer programs, traveling and living in the USA. For more information on the U.S. Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs Exchange Programs, click here.


ISEP is a non-profit educational community that includes 328 colleges and universities around the world. They provide international students with a list of universities in the USA and outside the USA that are part of the ISEP community. ISEP includes resources for international student to obtain their J-1 visa, working in the USA while on an exchange program, and anticipated openings for the following year. For more information on ISEP, click here.

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