Which Schools Offer Master’s Degrees in Engineering?

Which Schools Offer Master’s Degrees in Engineering?

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By Brianna Burrows

A master's degree in engineering is a popular postgraduate degree for many students. With over 5,000 higher education institutions in the USA, international students have a tremendous amount of options for finding schools that offer various degrees in engineering. We’ve highlighted five schools that offer a variety of master’s in engineering programs.


The Bourns College of Engineering at UC Riverside offers students a comprehensive education in engineering, providing a variety of Master’s degrees in Engineering. They offer a Masters of Science in Bioengineering; Chemical and Environmental Engineering; Computer Engineering; Computer Science and Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Material Science and Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; and Engineering online.


North Dakota State University offers a wider range of master’s in engineering. They offer a Masters of Science in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering. Students have the option to specialize in areas such as construction, environmental, geotechnical, materials, structural, transportation, and water resources engineering. In addition to the two M.S. degrees stated above, they offer a master’s in computer and electrical engineering and a master’s in mechanical engineering.


The School of Computing, Engineering, and Environment offers international students three different master’s degrees focused around engineering: M.S. in Computer Science, Master’s in Engineering Management, and an Executive Masters in Engineering Management (EMEM). The EMEM degree is intended for working professionals and individuals with undergraduate degrees in any field that wish to study engineering management.


The Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science provides international students with many options for post graduate degrees in engineering. They offer a Masters of Science in Bioengineering; Computer Engineering; Computer Science and Engineering; Computer Science Systems Engineering; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; and Mechatronics Systems Engineering.


The Kate Gleason College of Engineering at RIT offers quality education in engineering. They offer Master of Science and Master of Engineering programs. They provide courses for a degree in a Master of Science in Computer Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Industrial and Systems Engineering; Manufacturing Leadership; Mechanical Engineering; Microelectronic Engineering; Product Development; and Sustainable Engineering. The Master of Engineering programs in Engineering Management; Industrial and Systems Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Microelectronic Manufacturing Engineering; and Sustainable Engineering.

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