Los Angeles for Spring Break! by Green River College student Kayleigh

Los Angeles for Spring Break! by Green River College student Kayleigh

May 5, 2016
Green River College does an amazing job with their international student blog. Student bloggers and vloggers from 9 different countries, who write in 5 different languages, including Korean, Chinese, German, Russian and of course, English, contribute regularly to the blog.
Our first 2016 post to feature Green River College International Program bloggers is by Kayleigh de Vrij, who is from the Netherlands. Kayleigh even has her own blog, called 'Adventures of a Dutch Girl.
Here's an excerpt from her post: LA 
Hello Gentle Readers!

This week’s blog will be about my trip to LA over Spring Break.
This blog post won’t be very long since I made a video that will show you how my trip went.
The link to this video will be underneath the post and the video will also be under 'video' on the website (obviously). 

The trip to LA, me and my friends did by car. I would tell you all kinds of crazy stories that happened on the way but to be honest I was sleeping most of the time, fun right?
Once in LA we drove to Malibu first and enjoyed the early morning beach vibe for an hour or so. Then we continued our journey to the place we all would stay together in, Hermosa.

The hostel itself was right by the beach which was really nice. That day we just stayed at the beach and enjoyed the weather. At night we drove to Hollywood Boulevard. I was quite happy we did this as a group, while it was crowded by tourists the area itself felt kinda sketchy to me. There were a lot of impersonators and street artists and of course the famous boardwalk stars.

The next day we drove to Venice and rented bikes. I thought Venice was incredible. There were a lot of diverse, different and weird people (right where I belong.).  We biked to the Santa Monica Pier and hung out for a while there before returning the bikes and go back to Hermosa...
You can read the full article here.
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