International Education Fairs October 17 - November 23, 2015

International Education Fairs October 17 - November 23, 2015

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Photo: Students at the Fall 2015 A2 International Education Fair in Istanbul

At education fairs, you can:

  • Speak directly with representatives of U.S. universities, language programs and summer schools
  • Visit each school’s booth, talk with people who teach and work there, and take home brochures and applications

Below is the schedule of fairs where Study in the USA will be present. Come say hello, and pick up a copy of the new edition of Study in the USA Magazine!

Upcoming Fairs:  

Guyaquil, Ecuador: October 17  EducationUSA Fair Circuit

Bogotá, Colombia: October 19 EducationUSA Fair Circuit

Caracas, Venezuela: October 21  EducationUSA Fair Circuit

Istanbul, Turkey:  October 17-18  28th IEFT Int’l Education Fairs

Doha, Qatar: October 27-28  Global Education Fairs/ME

Dubai, UAE: October 21-25  Linden Boarding SchoolsTours

Doha, Qatar: October 26-28 Linden Boarding SchoolsTours

Kuwait, City: October 29-31 Linden Boarding SchoolsTours

Taipei, Taiwan: October 17-18  American Education Fair

Beijing, China: October 24-25  China Education Expo (CEE)

Chengdu, China: October 27  China Education Expo (CEE)

Hong Kong, China: November 19-21 Linden Boarding SchoolsTours

Seoul, Korea: November 22-23  Linden Boarding SchoolsTours

Bangkok, Thailand: November 14-15  Int’l Education Expo

HCMC, Vietnam: October 27  Capstone International Boarding & Day School Fairs

Hanoi, Vietnam: October 29  Capstone International Boarding & Day School Fairs

Hanoi, Vietnam: November 9-10 Linden Boarding SchoolsTours

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: November 11-12 Linden Boarding SchoolsTours

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: November 13-15 Linden Boarding SchoolsTours

Jakarta, Indonesia: November 16-18 Linden Boarding SchoolsTours

Visit our International Education Fairs Page for a complete list of Fall 2015 fairs.