From Student Blogger Jessica: Four Things You Should Bring with You When Coming to the U.S.

From Student Blogger Jessica: Four Things You Should Bring with You When Coming to the U.S.

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by Jessica de Souza


Is it your first time coming to the U.S.? Have you ever been here? Are you planning to study or work? It doesn't matter the way you are coming; some qualities are important to anybody who is coming from a different country:

1. Respect

The United States is a country with an impressive diversity of people, food, and religion. There are several differences between America and your country: personalities and thoughts, habits, car traffic, city's organization, and clothes are some of them ... It is also a place with a lot of laws, and these laws can differ from one state to another. It is important to take a look at them when you will be coming here. People in the U.S. are very respectful of the laws and of the organization of the city, the university, and even a store. Respect is a thing that will make people look at you here with better eyes and it shows that you care about how it is to live in here.

2. Willpower 

Yes! Willpower is something that you already have, because if you didn’t have it you wouldn't be coming to the U.S. This is the country of opportunities, challenges and a possible door open for you! If you are coming to study or work, take the most of it. Be openminded to assimilate all the knowledge you can, learn with every single experience—even if they are bad or good, and enjoy! Enjoyment is part of the experience that you will learn things while having fun, discovering new places and seeing how life is good here. For every opportunity you get, with willpower, you can have two fold.

3. Persistence

It's no use to you to have good willpower if start new things and don't finish them. Be careful and organized to finish all of your tasks at school or work in America! By the end of your time in here, this is what stays about your reputation when you will come back home. Your persistence and your strengths are pretty important here, even more if you are planning to come back. If at some point in your program in the U.S. you think you can't do something, stay strong! There will be always someone you can talk to and help you if you are having a bad time, the only thing you should keep in mind is do not give up. Having persistence to finish your activities is worth it by the time you see them finished!

4. Widespread Your Culture

Be ready to answer a lot of questions from your new friends you made in America! The nice part of being from another country is that people want to know a little about where you are coming from. Bring some souvenirs, pictures and videos that show about the place you live, the nice things you do back home, and how your culture is different from America. You will also hear from your new friends (that probably will be half Americans and half foreigners like you) about the place they live and this will totally make you change your opinions about many places in the world.

Are you ready to come to America? We are waiting for you!

Jessica de Souza is a Brazil Science Mobility Program student studying engineering at University of Nevada, Reno and a Telecommunications Engineering student at Federal Institute of Santa Catarina in Brazil.