For MBA Students: What You Should Think About When Considering Studying Abroad

For MBA Students: What You Should Think About When Considering Studying Abroad

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Undertaking your MBA abroad is an invaluable opportunity to gain a cultural as well as an academic education. It is a transformational and life changing experience which should be embraced by those seeking to challenge themselves.

Be sure to consider these five factors, outlined below.

1. The ‘Transferability’ of Educational Qualifications. Ensure that your qualifications will be recognized by employers in the country of study and beyond.

2. Language Requirements/Skills. While your MBA program of choice may be conducted through the medium of English, a basic understanding of the local language may be a necessity for working with local companies on MBA projects or if you wish to seek employment in that country after completing the program.

3. Visa Application. Student visas are often required to undertake a program of study in another country. Consider this factor simultaneously when looking at international programs and do your research early.

4. Financing Your Studies. Cost is a considerable factor. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that there is greater value to be found in programs outside of your home country – research is key!

5. Entry Requirements. Entry requirements vary from program to program so it is important to explore these early. Most MBA programs require the GMAT as a prerequisite for admission.

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