Clark College International Programs - What Students Say

Clark College International Programs - What Students Say

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From Clark College International Programs:

Success begins here!

Clark College is the premier institution for higher education in Southwest Washington. For more than 75 years, Clark has guided students from around the world to reach their academic goals. Founded in 1933, Clark College is one of the oldest accredited two-year colleges in the state of Washington. Whether you plan to transfer to a four-year college or university, are seeking a professional skill, or are searching for a better global understanding, you will find a world of opportunity and support at every step of your journey at Clark College.

Highlights for International Students:

  • Academic excellence in associate degrees and certificate programs
  • Easy transfer to prestigious four-year universities
  • Low cost – great value
  • Conditional admission and co-admission opportunities available
  • Small classes and personalized attention
  • Friendly, helpful and “cool” faculty & staff
  • Support services and courses for English language, Clark academics and U.S. culture
  • Beautiful and safe – the conveniences of a city with the warmth of a community
    • 3 km north of the Columbia River
    • 16 km north of Portland, Oregon
    • 270 km south of Seattle, Washington
  • Abundant choices in shopping, dining and recreation
  • Homestays and apartments available near campus
  • Excellent opportunities to make friends from around the world

What Our Students Say

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