Meet our new student blogger - Gouresh Kamble!

Meet our new student blogger - Gouresh Kamble!

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Hey! My name is Gouresh Kamble and since this is my very first post for StudyUSA I’d like to give you 7 facts about myself to start off with!

  • Studying in America has always been a personal dream of mine
  • My major at my current Green River Community College is political science
  • My ultimate goal is to help solve crisis internationally that are developing in the world. I have been concerned about the world for some time and I can now put it into practice
  • I’ve always had an interest in having an international education experience because however good the country you have been brought up in is, it has its limitations
  • Strong passion for writing, which lead me to create a blog
  • I don’t know what I would do without soccer
  • I am an avid fan of rugby, (I was a team member of my local club in England!)



Now, for a little bit about myself in some depth. My birthplace is Pune, India where I lived for a couple of years. I then lived in the UK till I was done with high school and then looked to study abroad, and that’s where I found Washington State, with its relaxing atmosphere, beautiful scenery and warm-hearted citizens; it’s hard not to want to live here. I also want to mention how much I want to get the word out there which is why I want to blog for StudyUSA, so that people can know about this amazing place for opportunities and long lasting memories. It’s been exciting since I have been here and I hope the adventure will continue.



Gouresh Kamble is an international student from the UK studying political science at Green River Community College in Washington State.