About Intrax International Institute & Video: The Teachers are Different at Intrax

About Intrax International Institute & Video: The Teachers are Different at Intrax

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Intrax English Language Schools

Intrax offers English language and professional skills development programs for students from around the world at three accredited Intrax schools in San Diego, San Francisco and Chicago. Intrax also provides students with experiential learning opportunities in American workplaces so they can develop the skills they need to succeed in their careers. At Intrax, you can feel confident that you are learning the most current information, on modern technology—and you can be proud of your school.

Intrax Guarantees

Only Intrax offers program guarantees that ensure you make the most of your time in the United States:

  • Speak English Confidently - Spend up to 75% of class time focused on your speaking skills.
  • Meet Americans - Practice English with American interns in class every week.
  • Develop Your Career - Gain professional experience at a U.S. company.
  • Show Your Success - Share your new skills, test scores and graduation certificate using your online portfolio.


Intrax schools are in three of America’s greatest cities— San Diego, San Francisco and Chicago. The Intrax San Diego school is located in downtown San Diego. Students describe the school as a “big family,” making it a wonderful environment to learn English, develop professional skills and learn about American culture. San Diego is famous for its active outdoor lifestyle, including boating, surfing, parks and professional sports.


Intrax Cultural Exchange

The Intrax San Francisco school is located in the Rincon Center across from the Historic San Francisco Ferry Building and offers students the opportunity to live, study and develop their careers in one of America’s most cosmopolitan cities. We are located in downtown so you will be close to famous tourist attractions, museums, movie theaters, restaurants and nightlife.


Intrax Cultural Exchange

The Intrax Chicago school is located on Michigan Avenue, across the street from the famous Millennium Park. Situated along the shore of Lake Michigan and famous for its many museums, exciting nightlife and friendly culture, Chicago is a classic big U.S. city and a great place to learn English.


Intrax English programs help students speak English confidently in any situation and offer students the skills to reach their personal and professional goals. General English Programs:

  • General English
  • TOEFL Preparation
  • Cambridge Preparation
  • Electives

Professional Skills Programs:

  • Business English
  • Professional Certificates in Marketing and Advertising, Business Management, and Project Management
  • Career Preparation Activity
  • Electives


Students can choose a Standard, Intensive or Super schedule: Standard = 20 lessons per week, Monday to Thursday classes in the morning or afternoon Intensive = 25 lessons per week, Monday to Thursday classes in the morning or afternoon + one elective class Super = 30 lessons per week, Monday to Thursday classes in the morning or afternoon + two elective classes

Intrax Activities Program

Joining in activities will help you feel more comfortable right from the start of your program, and it is fun! Intrax leads many cultural, social and professional activities so you will have a personal tour guide—and friends you already know—to help you explore. See the attractions in your American city, meet the residents, and practice your English in different settings.

Meet Americans

At Intrax, we provide many opportunities for you to meet Americans, both inside the classroom and on fieldtrips and at activities. You can make American friends, hear different accents and practice your English skills in real-life situations. Plus, by meeting with locals every week, you will increase your confidence, gain skills more quickly and learn the most current, real English.


Intrax offers three types of housing options. Intrax’s homestay option is a unique way to experience American traditions and cultures by living with a carefully screened and interviewed family ready to welcome international students to your city.  Intrax’s residence club option offers an independent living situation with a fun, international atmosphere that includes dormitory-style housing and meal options or shared kitchens. There are also many types of housing options that you can book yourself through the Independent Housing option.

Great Teachers

At Intrax, our teachers are trained and experienced professionals. They have been teaching for an average of 5-10 years, so they have the skills and the knowledge to answer all of your questions and provide you with the highest quality experience. They also care about their students’ success—and it shows. Many of our students stay in touch with their teachers throughout their lives. And if you want private tutoring in any English or professional subject, our teachers are available to help.


Intrax’s U.S. centers have been accredited by ACCET, the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training, since 1996.  Accreditation is voluntary and extensive, meaning Intrax is regularly evaluated in over 30 industry standards, including quality of instructors, curriculum, student services and school management.  In maintaining accreditation, Intrax is focused on high educational quality and continuous assessment and improvement of our programs and services.  In 2008, Intrax received a 5-year grant of reaccreditation: the longest grant term possible.

Video: The Teachers are Different at Intrax

In this video, Intrax International Institute student Vicky explains how teachers are different at Intrax. Watch it now!