Your Guide to SAT Test Day (And the Night Before)

Your Guide to SAT Test Day (And the Night Before)

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It's time to gear up for the first SAT of the year! One of the reasons I wanted to create TestRocker was to ease the anxiety normally associated with standardized test-prep. Below check out the guest blog we wrote for CollegeMapper, it has a number of great tips from me about staying relaxed on test day. It’s officially back to school season and if you are a HS junior, senior, or academically ambitious sophomore that means you are probably getting ready to take the October SAT. While everyone knows they need to study, TestRocker wanted to tell you about the other things you should be doing on test day to get ready.

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Before the Test

Don’t Cram

Many of us are procrastinators, for the SAT you might want to break this habit. Don’t cram and engage in any of the activities that often accompany cramming. Don’t drink energy drinks or neglect to get enough sleep. Energy drinks have been shown to hamper both memory and focus. Instead do some light review and relax.

Get Prepared

This means more than just making sure you’ve spent at least 30 hours reviewing SAT material. The night before your SAT gather all of the materials you anticipate needing and place them into the bag you plan to bring with you the next day. The following things should be included: SAT admission ticket, valid form of government-issued photo ID, calculator, extra batteries, 6-8 #2 pre-sharpened pencils, snacks, and a bottle of water.

Dress for Success

In a professional setting the phrase, “dress for success”, means getting into a stuffy suit. In this instance, we mean the exact opposite. Wear clothes that you are comfortable in. You also may want to dress in layers, including a sweater and even a light jacket. You don’t want to be distracted by your testing room’s temperature.


Write Legibly

For the SAT essay’s graders, it will be hard to grade an illegible essay. Be sure to use your neatest handwriting. Also be sure that you are clearly filling in the scantron when taking the SAT. To make filling in the scantron easier we recommend using sharpened pencils and not mechanical pencils.

Keep track of skipped questions

On the math section, answer the first ten questions in the test booklet and then fill in your answer sheet. Afterwards fill in your answers by page, being sure to note that the answers to any questions you skip are still empty. As time winds down fill in answers as you finish answering the question.

Avoid Distractions

During the test you want to be as focused as possible. Limit your bathroom breaks to the two scheduled breaks. During these breaks remember not to discuss your answers with other students.

Make the Most of Your Breaks

Remember when we urged you to pack snacks. Use your break time to visit the bathroom, refill on water, and eat your snack. Not quite sure what to pack? Try a chocolate bar – they provide instant energy!



Take some time and relax, before conquering the next item on your to do list!

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