Ohio State University - Do something great!

Ohio State University - Do something great!

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Dream big and use Ohio State University to make those dreams come true!

In the video What It Means To Be a Buckeye, Ohio State University students, alumnus and faculty members talk about the special quality OSU holds as a school.

Quotes from the video:

"It changes lives." -Laura Kraus, Associate Director of Economic Access at Ohio State University.

"You can come with nothing and walk away with everything." -Joey Clark, Ohio State University Class of 2008 Law student.

"This is definitely the university if you want to make a difference in the world." -Danny Tran, Operations Management student at Ohio State University.

At Ohio State University, "you are a student at one of the greatest universities in the world."  -Alexa Odom, Journalism & Spanish student at Ohio State University


"When students walk out of here, they're going to do something extraordinarily valuable with themselves and their lives." -Kevin Boyle, Professor of History at Ohio State University

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Ohio State University ranks among the top 10 destinations for international students in the United States, enrolling over 6000 international students from more than 125 countries during the past year.

Information on the Ohio State University American Language Program and Moritz College of Law at OSU