2021, See You Around. 2022, Let's Ride On!!

2021, See You Around. 2022, Let's Ride On!!

January 10th, 2022

Who else survived 2021 and is ready to ride into 2022?

Who else is excited about 2021 coming to an end? I am but not entirely. I thought I would be able to find my purpose before the year ends, funny enough a lot happened at my side, making me pause and do temporary purpose fulfilling. But hey, we are still on the search anyhow. 


Looking back & reflecting

The year will end anyhow, all we have to do is analyze and reflect if something great or significant happened. A lot happened for me this year, one of which is this —  “my writings” — yeah, that’s a great and massive achievement for me. My year started out of home (USA-Iowa) — how amazing — and it may end out of home, who knows?

Now, I know I have been quiet after my piece on finding a purpose; well, that’s due to what I noted in the opening paragraph and also because I felt now would be the best time to do so. I will be a year older soon, and it feels like I am old already. I don’t want this year to end, my reason — it gave me a lot I never imagined. Did you also achieve something great this year? Well, I did.


Respecting the “no”

Recently, I realized that most of my people here do not like NO for an answer without demanding an explanation. When you say, “I do not want” they go like, “why?” Why? Because I do not want. Period. What happened to boundaries and escape windows? Let’s learn to accept people’s decisions regardless of their effects on us. Yes, it’s their decision. When someone says, “I DO NOT WANT” or “NO,” let’s respect it and accept it. It is really hard when you think it is easy to understand, yet the other person doesn’t. You do not owe anyone an explanation for how you feel and your decisions. Take this into the new year.


Reliving 2021

There’s a term in Hausa (a widely spoken language in northern Nigeria) that goes by “da so samu ne,” meaning “if wishing were getting.” Then I wish to live this year 2 more times. Finding love, going to the U.S., living in, with, and meeting different people, different weather, new personal discovery, coming back home, battling reverse cultural shock — arrgghhh — trying to fit in, managing finance, planning to go back to school (home or abroad), work, abnormal weight gain, family issues. Many others that can’t be typed by my keyboard because they come with strong emotions. Regardless, I want to relive 2021, not forgetting COVID-19.

I wonder if you also have a year you would wish to relive again and again for special reasons. 


2022, be you!

But I do want to witness 2022, yes just so I can get done with school already, I am tired. Who else gets tired of school? Me. 2022 would also come with its own set of scenarios, events, successes, failures, plans, moments. It will be an expedition of continuing what is started now, starting new things and planning more. I am sure you also want to know how well you will do, how different you will do things, what new things you will face or try, how peculiar 2022 would be, what will stand out, and probably what I will be writing about. That’s great, because I look forward to all these and more. 2022, be you!


Go easy on yourself

I would love to tell or urge you to do that thing you have longed to do as long as it is positive, beneficial to yourself, and maybe indirectly others as well. But, then I can’t. Why? Because a lot is stopping me too from doing some things I badly want to do. So, take it easy on yourself. Build and develop a safe environment, friendship circle, personally grow, learn and unlearn, love and learn more about yourself. 

Just as there comes cool and beautiful spring after a harsh and cold winter, so would you overcome, win and succeed. 


Ride on, 2022!

I just want us to take care of ourselves and face everything with ourselves in mind. Being selfless is cool, yes, but being selfish isn’t bad after all. YOU MATTER.

Let’s not forget to keep finding our Purpose, exploring ourselves, building those boundaries, finding our escape and safe windows and possibly traveling.

2021, see you around. 2022, let's ride on!!!


Hamdiatu Yakubu is from Ghana, West Africa. She recently completed her English-language studies at Kirkwood Community College and is currently working as a communication intern and project assistant at a non-governmental organization in her country. She loves nature, cooking, watching movies, languages, writing, and photography. 

Written by

Hamdiatu Yakubu

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