Pace ELI International Student Interview: Francois from France

Pace ELI International Student Interview: Francois from France

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The following is an interview with Pace English Language Institute student Francois Bugnon. Pace English Language Institute campuses are located in New York City and in Pleasantville, New York.

1. Please tell us your name, where you are from, and how long you studied at the English Language Institute.

My name is Francois Bugnon and I am from France. I have studied at the English Language Institute (ELI) for 2 semesters which represent approximately 7months. I started the Intensive English (Advanced) classes and then, for the spring semester I studied the Pre-Undergraduate level.

2. How did you first hear about the English Language Institute?

I first heard of the ELI through a friend who went to Pace 4 years ago and he was satisfied of it. Also, I noticed that his English really improved after his year there.

3. Which level of English did you start at? Do you think the Pre-Undergraduate classes are helpful to prepare for University life?

I started at the Advanced classes and then I went to the Pre-Undergraduate classes. The Pre-Undergraduate classes are really helpful in order to go to Pace University or another one. In fact, the teachers teach you how to write a researcher paper in a particular format or to write a concrete and strong essay.

4. Is there an ELI class you liked/helped you the most? Why?

The 090 classes are actually the most helpful. In fact, it is a lot of work but at the end you realize that your English really improved.

5. Which areas of English did you want to improve in our program and how do your teachers help you?

I wanted to know how to speak fluently but also to improve my writing skill and in every classes the teachers helped us to work on it, so I am happy about that.

6. In what ways do you feel that the English Language Institute has helped you to reach your goals with your English?

As I said previously, the ELI really helped me to reach my goals and thanks them for that.

7. Please tell the audience what you like about the English Language Institute Program. Think about the teachers, your classmates, the activities, the extra services (language lab, writing center, etc.)

First of all, it is a new experience, you go abroad and you meet people from everywhere. You grow a lot when you learn new cultures especially when you do not really know them such as the Asians’ones for myself. Second, the teacher are really nice and the ELI too so you do not have any problem they really help you to succeed.

8. Why did you decide to stay at the English Language Institute after your first session?

I wanted to improved my English, my friend did it because of the ELI so why not me?

9. Please share with us your favorite place near the Pace University campus. Why do you like to spend time here?

My favorite place near Pace University is actually the little plaza in front of Pace because you can meet a lot of people there, and it is not only ELI student.

10. What makes NYC a great place to study and learn English?

NYC is a city where people from everywhere immigrate so they know how to welcome foreigners and they will you in order to improve. NY016Information on Pace University English Language Institute (ELI)                 #StudyUSA