Video - Women in Computer Science by Student Blogger Indira

Video - Women in Computer Science by Student Blogger Indira

Mar 8, 2014

Video intro- Here’s a fun fact: in the US, women earn 57% of all undergraduate degrees, but only 18% of all computer and information sciences undergraduate degrees. I know; shocking, right? As a computer science concentrator myself, I can definitely attest to this statement. At Brown University, I am guessing about 20-30% of the CS community are female. This is very worrying, especially if you consider the fact that the demand for computer science related jobs in the next ten years will be higher than the number of computer science graduates. Therefore, I decided to ask the opinions of nine other members of the Brown CS community about why there are so few women in computer science. Enjoy! -Indira Pranabudi Quotes from Women in Computer Science: "Especially at first, it's very intimidating." -Ardra Hren "Stick it out." Ria Mirchandani "Don't be afraid." -Hannah Quay-de La Valle "Believe in yourself." -Christine Chapman "Every single person counts." -Shreena Thakore "It's an extremely creative field." -Betsy Hilliard "It's pretty much like being a wizard." -Mackenzie Clark "If you like it, there's going to be an opportunity for you in the future." -Molly Long and "CS is super fun!" -Professor Barbara Meier Watch the video! Indira headshotPost and video by Indira Pranabudi Indira is an international student alumna of Green River Community College. She is currently studying computer science at Brown University. Indira is also a Student Contributor at U.S. News & World Report.  

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