Pace ELI International Student Interview: Anh from Vietnam

Pace ELI International Student Interview: Anh from Vietnam

Feb 27, 2014



Anh T Nguyen from Vietnam: Studying English at Pace University in New York City

1. Please tell us your name, where you are from, and how long you studied at the English Language Institute.

My name is Anh T Nguyen and I’m from Haiphong, Vietnam. I had been studying at the ELI for the whole one year from July, 2012 to July, 2013.

2. How did you first hear about the English Language Institute?

The first time I heard about the ELI from my agency in Vietnam.

3. Which level of English did you start at and which level are you in now?

My level when I first started to study at the ELI is 080 Advanced in Summer 2012. I completed the highest level 084 Graduate Academic Skills in Spring, 2013.

4. Would you recommend the Pre-Graduate English Program to International students?

Yes. I highly recommend the Pre-Graduate Program to my friends back in Vietnam and my others international friends as well. Because I had a really great time while I was studying at the ELI. Since I transferred to the ELI, all the staff was really friendly and helpful. My all professors who I had chance taking their classes was incredible and I have learnt from them a lot.

5. Which areas of English did you want to improve in our program and how did your teachers help you?

Looking back to the first semester at the ELI, I was extremely shy and not willing to talk with others. My speaking in English was not quite good and my writing was so messy with full of grammar mistakes. My teachers helped me to improve it right away; they talk to individual in class to figure out what the method they should apply for each student. I felt more confidence just right after the first semester and I was doing well later on.

6. What are your overall goals with your English? Are you studying English for work, to enter a US University, for fun? In what ways do you feel that the English Language Institute has helped you to reach these goals?

My overall goal with my English is to communicate with others by English in professional way. I’m studying English for my future career and recently for Pace University – Lubin business school. The ELI has held me to reach my goal. Firstly, I passed 091 for waiving my TOEFL score. So I just need to submit GMAT in order to apply for Graduate school at Pace. Now, my plan came true, I’m taking my first semester in Graduate school and trying hard to study.

7. Please tell the audience what you like about the English Language Institute Program. Think about the teachers, your classmates, the activities, the extra services (language lab, writing center, etc.)

To be honest, everything that I have been experienced at the ELI is priceless. When the first day I came to school with nervous because I knew nothing and I was alone. Fortunately, the staff members made me feel warm and safe by providing information I need and telling me what I should do to register for classes. Taking classes at the ELI gave my opportunities to meet great teachers and wonderful professors. What they taught me in the classes is still helping me on study recently. I have many my friends from the ELI. They all come from different countries and we still keep in touch even we are now in different course.

8. Why did you decide to stay at the English Language Institute after your first session?

I was looking for taking 091 in the second semester at the ELI. Actually, I was supposed to take 091 in the first semester. However I was transferred to the ELI in the middle of the Summer semester and my English skills in general was not good at that time, so I had to take 080 course to improve it.

9. Please share with us your favorite place near the Pace University campus. Why do you like to spend time here?

My favorite place near the Pace University campus is City Hall Park. It’s very nice when you can take a short walk to the park, take a seat there and relax after your class time. I love the fountain in the center of the park. It’s beautiful and the sound of running water can clear all stresses out of your mind.

10. What makes NYC a great place to study and learn English?

NYC is a great place to learn and study English. The environment is friendly and diversity, so international will not feel “I’m only the one who is different from others” or “I’m an outsider.” In addition, there are many opportunities for choosing good school and applying for internship in the city.

11. Is there anything else you would like to share with future students about your experience as an ELI Pace University student? Please write below.

My study plan has changed a lot since I came to NYC. When I decided to study at Pace University, I chose to attend classes at the ELI. I feel happy and satisfied for my decision. As I know so far, Pace University is very good for Accounting major. They also help students to have opportunities to get internship and to connect with successful people in the same major. I’m glad to study here. #StudyUSA
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