From Marshall University: My First Week Studying in the U.S.

From Marshall University: My First Week Studying in the U.S.

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Marshall University's International Student Diary Series brings us: My First Week Studying in the U.S. -with international student Anton What’s it like arriving in the US as an international student? Russian student Anton shares the diary of his first week at INTO Marshall University. Monday Today I arrived in Huntington, West Virginia. The weather was very cold, almost like Russia! INTO staff picked me up from Charleston Airport and on our drive to the university, I saw some of the West Virginia scenery – it’s amazing. There are lots of mountains, forests and other beautiful things, this state looks very different from others. When I arrived I was taken to my new home on campus, Twin Towers West, where the staff gave me a warm welcome.


Tuesday My first full day as an international student! Today I went to the main office to meet more INTO Marshall staff and get to know them better. I found out that we’re being given three meals a day during Orientation Week, which is great as the campus dining halls are closed right now. Wednesday My first day of orientation. I met my new classmates from around the world, including students from China, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Russia and Ukraine. They are amazing people and I’m so excited to be studying with them. During our campus tour, we found out about the background of Marshall University. The school has a long and rich history, I’ve always wanted to study at a place like this. I also got given my student ID, so now I have access to the dining halls, dorms and recreation center. At the end of the day we visited the Walmart store, where I found everything I need for now. I can’t wait to start studying!


Thursday Today I took two English placement tests to assess my abilities. Then the Marshall University team gave us some more orientation info. At the end of the day we had Indian food for dinner – it was so delicious. After that we watched the movie, We are Marshall. I’m happy that I’m studying at a school that has its own Hollywood movie!  Friday My last day of orientation. We were given more info about our pathway program structure, academic standards, personal safety and Marshall University traditions. I know how to support our sporting teams during their games by shouting ‘We are Marshall’! But the most wonderful moment was the dessert reception, where I was introduced to many of the faculty from the Business Department. All of them were very kind and helpful, I’m so excited about my upcoming studies.


Anton is studying the Graduate Pathway in Human Resources Management at INTO Marshall University. #StudyUSA