Video: Skyline College Student Kelvin Cheah

Video: Skyline College Student Kelvin Cheah

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Kelvin Cheah is a psychology student at Skyline College in San Bruno, California

In the video Skyline College - Kelvin Cheah, Kelvin lists the following as "bright aspects" of attending a community college:

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Skyline College provides tutors and workshops to help you with your homework.

3 positive aspects of attending a community college before transferring to a university:

  1. you to get used to the pace of college life
  2. you get used to the amount and level of studying required by higher education
  3. you get used to a college environment
In conclusion, Kelvin discusses the more student-friendly quarter system offered by the community college as opposed to a university semester system and talks about how he's looking forward to transferring to San Francisco State University

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