Improve your English and Prepare for College Transfer

Improve your English and Prepare for College Transfer

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Join ACE Online this August 20th! Improve your English and prepare for college transfer with high quality classes taught by college professors.

About Grossmont College, American Collegiate English (ACE)
Intermediate-level academic English program

Apply Now:

⭐️Online Fall Session: August 20 - November 25, 2020 (14 weeks)
⭐️Two 45-minute Zoom lessons per day Mondays through Thursdays plus optional enrichment time with professors on Fridays
⭐️Zoom lessons Time of Day: Mornings in Japan/Korea Time= Evenings in USA so we can all be together
⭐️Additional course assignments and class discussions completed via Grossmont College Canvas platform at student's own time as convenient
⭐️Classes: Listening & Speaking, American Pronunciation, Grammar & Writing, Reading & Vocabulary
⭐️All 4 professors have master's degree in TESOL or Applied Linguistics and teach ESL at Grossmont College
⭐️All 4 professors have experience in online teaching, and distance education certification
⭐️With ACE 3.0 grade point average, students become eligible for Grossmont College future admission
⭐️Student administrative support via Zoom, Email, and Skype
⭐️Application fee is $125 (nonrefundable); Tuition is $2,835; Textbooks are approximately $150. No other fees required.