From Student Blogger, Maggie: My Two Years at Centralia College

From Student Blogger, Maggie: My Two Years at Centralia College

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First of all, I am very appreciative of every opportunity I have had while studying at Centralia College. I feel so proud to learn and serve my school. During these two years of studying, I not only learned from classes, but also from every person I’ve met here.

It has been a privilege to attend Centralia College for the past two years, and now I am moving on. Before I say goodbye to Centralia, I would like to do a quick look back at the past years:

First year

It was an adventure for me to get into a new environment. It was quite startling how challenging it was to use basic English to talk with people! It took me a while to get my bearings. Despite the challenge, I had a lot of fun in my IEP classes and became friends with my IEP teacher. Since then, we have been hanging out and exploring America. To be honest, I really like her, and tell all the new IEP students that she is the best. One of my friends said that I am falling in love with her. Surely, she is great. I am so thankful that she was my first teacher and first friend in the United State. 

During my first year, I lived with a host family.  My host mother got three more international students from Centralia College during that time. All of them are very kindly, so we planned to go to Las Vegas during the summer break. That was a great experience for us. I am so grateful we have the same host family that gave us the chance to hang out together.

Second Year

My English is improving a lot!!! Also, I got a job at my college’s international programs office. This job opportunity has enriched me a lot, it gives me many experiences, as learning how to write office email, how to do the cover letter, and so on. Indeed, I feel I am growing a lot when I’m working for the international program.

In addition, I finally got a car during the second year. Getting a car has changed my life! I can drive to a bigger city to catch some fun activities, such as meditation.  I am starting to do meditation this year in Olympia, and I have met many friends at the meditation center. I am very lucky to have them in my college life; they make me feel comfortable to stay here.

After two years of study, I feel I have become more independent, confident, and outgoing. I am very happy that I picked Centralia College for my first two years of study. Here, I get more experiences to enrich my life, and also at the transfer college, it is easier to get a high GPA. This will give me a better chance to transfer to an excellent four-year university. Fortunately, I have met many good people during my study, and many of them have encouraged me to be a better person--- Teaching after you learned, giving after you have had.



Maggie Long just finished studying Media at Centralia College in Centralia, Washington.