From Student Blogger, Aanchal: Summer Plans for International Students

From Student Blogger, Aanchal: Summer Plans for International Students

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As the spring semester adjourns, students like me plan to formulate a schedule for the 10 -week long summer break. Some want to travel back to their country, some travel around to different parts of the country while others prioritize summer classes and utilize their vacation time studying and finishing up their coursework.

The vacation time should be utilized to take a break and refresh yourself. It is indeed a well-earned break from course curriculum when international students get time to explore their options and research the availability of courses in that time and further. This transitional time between the academic semesters should be carefully catered to and put to use according to an individual’s interest.

Here are some fruitful benefits associated with taking up classes in the summer:

Great Opportunity to Boost Your Falling Grades-

It could be possibly challenging for international students to deal with the abroad study pattern, and they may have fallen short of the expectations from the study board. The American study courses are pretty intense, and hence the summer time can be utilized to focus on these areas and gear up for the next semester. Taking or retaking a couple of classes in this period is an effective step to raise your grade and prepare you with an optimistic approach. It is also a good time to reinforce a core class and thus regain morale, once lost due to the previous overwhelming semester.

Utilize Time If You Don’t Plan to Travel-

Not every international student is willing to travel all the way to their home country. Traveling back home is a bitter-sweet desire with factors like distance and expenses associated along. With summer being the longest break of the year, things can be planned out in certain ways. Using half of the time to wander and explore, and the rest towards taking up a couple of classes, can be a wise way to spend this time.

Affordability and Flexibility-

Most of the American colleges and universities have set the tuition cost the same for international students as domestic students. This helps you save a lot of funds and provide an opportunity to take core or elective subjects that are available at this time. What’s more, there’s lower enrollment, and often class schedules are quite flexible, which make study sessions an optimal learning environment.

Accelerated Course Study-

Summer classes are time bound. There is a stipulated period of time assigned to complete the course. The class might be on a daily schedule, but it gets completed faster than you think. It is actually a smart move to save time and get ahead in your course.

Summer school is a valuable opportunity for many international students. It’s time they can explore and make decisions at their own pace without any pressure. They can choose to retake classes for better grades, or they can pace up their course by enrolling in some new core classes or electives. It is all about the choice you make, but this break is a great way to enhance your learning skills.


Aanchal Tangri from India is pursuing a degree in English at Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, Nevada.